My darling brother (11/05/2010)

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My darling brother (11/05/2010)

Mensaje por Nando el Mar 14 Sep 2010, 16:00

where are you? on tenerife or somewhere else...
it's not important you are on earth and in my hart I have a littel problem with internet but I tell you I'll write on your blog... Pedro tell me he will translate important things for me I still didn't learn spanish... I will some days..
for me is important how are you... I understend that you have travel across spain and come to gibraltar, now I read something about tenerife... but do you need anything, are the people OK to you, or thay have fear? please let me know
I wish everybody is like you in the world than it would be much better place
my darling you are the sun and the stars and in my hart but people are blind
love you very much and hope to read more about you
P.S google transletor is not working with spanish to english..
love love love love is all we need love you very much and have a littel fear for you (but that is ok...)

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