Summary of the Presentation of the blog - [by Nando]

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Summary of the Presentation of the blog - [by Nando]

Mensaje por Nando el Jue 23 Sep 2010, 12:54

I tried to write a text, although it is impossible to elaborate a text about everything; words keep aside, infinitely aside. When once talks with the heart about feelings; in many cases words just miss interpret realty in its whole.

Nonetheless, I will use only sentences and questions with the intention that each one meditates them and find its own meaning:

- Willpower unity, serving love generates more power than any society or its entrenched powers.
- Any difference is the result of a mental illness which produces blindness.
- Society is created from this blindness.
- Metal blindness only can get treat by observing mind (meditation).
- Society result is always slavery produced by these differences.
- Society result is essentials oblivion.
- Oblivion result is freedom, respect and life loss.

- Obedience is combated with disobedience.
- Disobedience generates freedom and space to ourselves.
- Any kind of oppressive or control power is internally dilute through conscience, it conscience generates disobedience.
- Question society open new ways, open to new actions.
- The violence is combated with non-violence.
- Violence generates more violence.
- The war just takes people to periods of non-wars, but never peace.
- To work in our social system generates poverty, above all at heart.
- To work for any life way without differences generates wealth, above all at heart.

- Lie is combated with truth.
- Unconscious is combated with conscience.
- Any difference is the product of our unconscious mind.
- Property has to fall in mind.
- Do not listen lies from others, leave space for listen own truths.
- The value of each feeling, action or thing is completely individual and own selves.

- Evolution is to pass from unconscious people to conscience people, Humans.
- The human is itself, unique and free.
- Human loves everything, provide everything, love always and do not hurt ever.

I have been serving your cafes and meals. I have been transporting your consumed good at supermarkets. I have called to your door selling frozen food and gadgets. I have been building your houses and contribute to build bridges where your trains are passing. I have been collecting your waste and cleaning your sewers. I have been transporting your cars and some of you to places. I paid my taxes and obey such as other obedient. I have travelled by lots countries, knowing them. I laughed, played, sung, danced, cried with your. I have tucked you in and provided food, I have rejected material things such as house, car, mobile phone, credit card, bank account, etc... It was and is a pleasure, an honour and a godsend.

From now renounce also to money and start my travel to South America, having the hope that: it that I am doing, will create a space in your minds and your hearts; with the intention that your could be soon yourselves.


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