Nando from Cádiz (Southern Spain) E-mail 3

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Nando from Cádiz (Southern Spain) E-mail 3

Mensaje por Nando el Jue 23 Sep 2010, 12:59

I spent a week in Tarifa, fairly quiet, every day I sat in the square to watch the people in some little bench. I'm repairing some pants with a couple of shirts that found on the road and Oreig gave me in Barcelona, which were in shred from Negras Almeria. I love sewing and doing things with my hands, its another way to meditate.

I slept two days in the corner of the office until someone used it as toilet and I could not use it any more, so I went to the beach where usually is very windy but the raincoat that Rosa gave me worked marvellously like a charm again. I went through a cane sticks area and I hold the lowest part of the waterproof fairly burying the sand in the bottom, What a change, ufhh the tourist office to the beach, there was a lot better now in the beach.

In the morning I go to talk to people to get some food, this is the hardest thing for me, because in general no one wants to listen, they automatically label you as the poor, beggar, what a pity, so young, ow my god this is the country where we live, ow my goodness you are too much, in short no one likes to be asked or demanded and just a few like giving and sharing. Do not blame them, I also was like that sometime and when I have them also loose the path, but I notice right away I correct or not and fuck my mind up. These prejudices are "normal", they should not exist; every person is a world and without fear or prejudice anyone can show you anything important sharing experiences, and Susanne is a sun (lovely) and is much broader than "normal."

I got in a market and went to talk to the baker who gave me a piece of homemade bread that would be enough for all day and my mother appeared zasss ... I always say that all women are my mothers, my sisters or my daughters . The woman who was tending the baker told me - takes money, go and buy something to eat that with. - No money never lady, that is a cancer, if you want to give me something to eat, it will be very well and very grateful. The woman surprised that I refused to use money accompanied me to a deli charcuterie and bought sausage and jam york and she told me - to drink like a juice or something. To this question I always answer – milk, mather, which is the most nourishing food and she gave me also a carton of milk. She gave me her heart and I gave her two huge kisses hoping them will reach the depths of his heart, meanwhile the clerks smiled very nice feeding my body and my soul.

I was very glad I did not have to go to ask for all the day. As you know my physics Mother she would give you 80 million kisses for treating me like this, I assure you. MOTHER Thank you so much I wish her the best. I went back the last day to say goodbye and she gave me bread and sausage again, I left the blog address and I said goodbye. Nice to meet you girls.

Another day, I went into a restaurant with a loaf of bread in hand - I've given the money up, living without touching it, I have bread, but I have nothing to put inside. The guy told me - The food is denied to no one, he answered. Give me that bread, what do you want? - Whatever you want, I' am not too tricky. he prepared a pork loin sandwich with his wife and two bananas, "Meanwhile I do it, you want something to drink?. Well if you give me milk that is what most feeds, I thank you even more, he went out for milk, and I drank two glasses that made me feel great. I returned to the square and I wrote the previous message Nando desde Tarifa.

The next morning I went to the library where there is free internet and can be used for an hour. I met the moon and sun, day and night, the librarian more beautiful than all the things and Lieutenant Onil with his position as manager who set me every kind of obstacles. Once again prejudice. Lady reconsider will not inherit the library is public and help others makes you feel better like the two glasses of milk earlier and the sun as a librarian, many thanks, you're so charming.

I could not finish writing the e-mail within an hour, logical, but I stayed with a bestial desire to keep writing. When you leave, ask if anyone knew of another place where I could connect and I got nothing. I thought that perhaps the boy so nice from the restaurant has or a friend have a laptop. As I asked, "You know somewhere where I can access the internet. - No, but no problem We'll go to a cyber and you can stay there for about an hour or whatever you need and I'll pay: - Have you eaten?. No. In a minute he had a knife and fork serve on the table, "Hey your name is not Angel, I asked. I am called the other, Melli. So, Angel fit you better. The woman brought a huge plate (platazo) of meatballs with a toss potatoes with eggs and ham. I do not know if you believe in God or not, but I assure you this I will be paid, I said ... ahi ja ah!, there was no internet or milk either, I had to enjoy a nap because one is not used to these feasts lately and had to enjoy even the digestion. In Croatia I cooked for the boys of the hostel and they many times told me, "Joder Nando como esta esto de bueno” (OLALA Nando, this is delicious!. It is made with a special spice. What?. I cook with love, I said them, and I asked them; what is the best food for everyone? the mothers, he replied. This meal is made with the same spice.

If you come, go and visit them because there are such special In Tarifa. Give them a kiss for me, so let them know I do not forget them and I am extremely grateful for everything. They also gave me sincerelly. Thanks so much. (Kind- hearted people)

There are also days where you get up and do not have the strength to go anywhere to ask for anything and let the hungry do as it please. One of these days in an afternoon I was ravenous and I wandered between the bars, I saw a hot dog stand and my speech changed completely – I am starving, you have something to eat. At the end afterwards my body fell incredible, UFH! was very hungry. Thank you very much.

The next day I did the laundry in the washing feet tap on the beach, found a bucket in the bins and wash clothes and I prepared the stall on the promenade of Tarifa’s beach. While I enjoyed seeing the reaction of people walking, had all but the best was a painter who passed throught and we started talking, and him appeared with a package of snuff for me, what can I say, Big hearted people. We became friends and spent on the beach one afternoon and we have a lovely talk. Good friend and great company. Thank you very much you too.

I have not missed anything in Tarifa, I charged the batteries for the music and they let me watch the races at Jerez.

Rate I walked to the nearest service station to Cuenca, placard direction and finger up ... UFH what a day, half an hour later appeared an amazing and surreal character, fro Badalona, with a motorcycle helmet in his hands, boots and clothing but no any motorbike, facked up, walking along the shoulder, who kept talk and tell everything to everyone, “The Bomb”, made me laugh so much. I gave up a hitchhiking with him there, it was impossible, I could not stop laughing. We sat, smoked, he kept quiet, he would put in the middle of the road. Also there were two Belgians who also was hitchhiking and he kept telling things to them in half an hour the station was a mess. The Badalona took off his boots and he had sore feet of walking with these boots without socks, I gave a darn socks just in Tarifa. Give me some cigarettes and made to walk along the road in search of the next gas station. I walked around 12 or 14 km, I finished the water. We'll see when a person walks along a road at noon, in the province of Cadiz with a scorching sun, carrying a backpack and asks you for water, but you give it, is that these dead inside inside inside you has not even a sense of humanity, are completely empty, your life can be summarized in that you behave like a piece of flesh that moved and continues to eat and shit them later and nothing more. This summarizes the sad life of a person who does this. I ask these people to reconsider and change their actions, because these do not act that so much time. But three steps forward I found a very amiable man and I filled the bottle once stopped a car. The German-born companion with his belongings from his home in the back and without direction, saw the sign and thought, why not to Cadiz. From the mirror hung a blue sign with the number 27, it made me laugh. We travel to Cadiz seeking a library to use internet, hoping that someone from the couchsurfing web shares accommodation to respond and got to sleep in a bed and a shower. No one answered and I slept in the doorway of a church near the cathedral. This morning I came across two homeless and showed me where are the public showers, the soup kitchen and another dining room for dinner.

Now to wait something appears, some information on how to reach the Canary Islands or South America. To meet people here and try to share and meet people in Cadiz. As always everything is in the hand of the Universe.

Love all, serve all
love always, no damage ever.
Be happy.


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