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Nando from Tarifa Email 2

Mensaje por Nando el Jue 23 Sep 2010, 12:58

Good dear brothers and sisters, more about the journey;

Carmencita took me to the nearest service area direction Almeria.

Sign to Almeria and thumb up. A hour later approximately, impeccable black 4x4 stops and on the road again.

The company, a military, good people, we talk about travel, a little about our lives and the conversation turned quickly to Bosnia where I’ve been a couple of months this year He was going to work soon in Mosthar and Afghanistan which I got good information about how is the people in this place. I told him that for me Spain was a place on the planet. I got an idea of how they are in this time in that zone when he explained me that they are even worse than Bosnia before, so, another barbarism but with other characteristics.

We've gone crazy, in all sincerity I wish that you never has to go to any place like that any more, so, that site did not exist, you did not have to touch the weapons, you won´t have to aim, or fire them and not see more things that the people we have to see in these places, because those conflicts would not exist. You loose you work and could do any other thing that make you happy and you play paddle or anything else enjoying your children developing your self. Thank you so much for your help on the road and for the shared time.

He dropped me at the intersection called of the Black ones, about fifteen kilometres away from the town's space that I finished by two more cars. When evening came to end I looked for a place to sleep, I climb to a peak with wonderful views and sleep out in the open.

At midnight began to rain and I figured on it would complicate, but were only a few drops.
The sky respected my sleep. At sunrise I had choricito (cute Chorizo) for breakfast which I got from mom and bread that I got from a bakery in Murcia. I went down to the tiny town and it began to rain so I thought that what I was doing there raining, so I left.

I went into a bus stop in order to cover from the rain with little sign to San Jose. After five hours I stayed there, I decided to find a place to sleep with a roof, just on front of it there was a small shopping centre in the worst case it will be ok.

I went up to inspect the cave on the right of the walk, carrying the backpack that is heavy and the slope was quite steep, my best to come up with the pack, and impossible to go down. Even so I managed to reach the cave, the ground was useless completely deformed and wind and water come throughout.

I looked for another place to go down and I found one slope that seemed less inclined, even so I raged doing my self roller ball (the backpacker croquette) downhill three times and swept all kinds of thistle and stuff that stick in clothes in the bush.

shit!! Exhausted I sent the bush to hell, the shopping centre is very fain and I sat on the ride to meditate.

A girl from Teruel closed to me and we started talking, I told him what to and invited me to sleep in his van (must know how to wait like Siddhartha said It would have saved the backpacker croquette style).
We went to the van where I met her partner born in Italy, a phenomenal guy. We talked and cooked some thing to eat, for my part, obviously chorizo, sausage and cheese.
Very quickly we were in very good wave.

We slept and the next morning it was as if we met years ago. We played chess and decided to go to San Pedro Creek. beautiful, looks a bit like Kudla in Gokarna India.

We spent all day sunbathing on the sea naked and we got red skin as tomatoes. Then we decided to spend the night and one guy born in France, a super nice guy who was for eighteen months there, lent us a tent.

We slept and decided to return to town, I walk with the French painter, sculptor and good people, and the conversation was amazing, he taught me a lot of things.

Arriving at the town, talking in the van my Teruel’s girl decided take me to San Jose.

We arrived to San Jose after dark and I told her to take me off to the beach of the Genoese (Genovesses beach) to sleep. I Walked through the dunes and I got ready to sleep, once inside the bag, a light of a car light the parking followed by screams – Nando!, Nando!. What is it? I’m going now!
They decided not to follow their way and stay overnight, sleep together and in the morning keep on their way.

I sincerely wish you the best from depth of my heart and thanks for everything.

Let’s know San Jose. I wandered around the town all day, I sat to meditate on the square and a celebrity appeared speaking to me aloud, he approached me and I told him to sit, he asked me

- What are you doing here?.
- I live like this.
- You got money?.
- No.
- Do you smoke?.
- Then take two cigarillos and do not worry I also live on the streets without money.
- I'm not worried.
- Chao. Chao.

he went away jolting ( He was drunk as fuck).
A Lithuanian-born with many scars and bloody knuckles. Too much wine.

In the afternoon I looked for a quiet place to meditate and found a nice vantage point at the end of the village. I was meditating until sunset and I slept right there that night, well, I tried it because the war with the mosquito lasted until dawn.

At dawn knackered of lack of sleep, I changed favour for bread or rather, they gave me bread because I have not yet managed to do something for someone.

And bread and a croissant breakfast in the plaza… and bang!!! ... Eureka fantastic moment, Horace and Isa, Moon and Akane's parents a new teacher coming into the world appeared.

Friends I met in India and who we spent special times with (Mar and Gina agreed.) Best gift the universe re-find them. Now the family is even more incredible with Akane she was the icing.

They let me sleep in the van, you can not imagine how well I slept, they gave me food and warmth and watching Luna and Akane the best gift.

In education they have a master in my point of view, who earned my heart when Isa explained to Tierra today. (Tierra and Zacarias I met in Varanasi, India and also had around here, of them agree and Lippo Karlota) - Akane is herself, it is not my daughter, to me is a gift. He said with his mouth full of love, respect and wisdom.

Thank you mother for speaking lke that.

No worries, Horacio that these truths are not increasing your ego. Honey to be with you. At some point the tears flowed from Isa's eyes on such beautiful things we share and the tears gushed from mine.
Thank you so much, not worth the words.

I leave them a bike that the Italian-born had given me and I begun to walk path to Almeria loaf of bread and buns that the pretty bakery woman gave me and a piece of cheese that Isa gave me.

Earlier than a kilometre of path two girls were born in Belgium stopped, direction Malaga. To Malaga is to it.

They dropped me at Malaga’s airport. I walked seeking to Cadiz’s direction and when I found the road was a motorway, here we are not allowed to walk, so, I decided to relax in the beach and see what I will do.
I ended meditating at sunset and waiting it gets dark and sleep right there in a beach between Guadalmar y Torremolinos. The night fell on my and when I stood horizontal many people started to appear, I think they were gay atmosphere so, I got up and left the place quickly because I did not feel like to speak about love in those terms, then I walked almost till Torremolinos. I found three small catamarans in the sand, I stood under one of them and shielded from the air and cupid for ten euros.

A completely full moon, wonderful, great, everything was perfect. At midnight ZAS!!! ... I could not believe sprinklers of a golf course began to expand a plenty of water, I had the fence of a golf course at five meters. With the same logic that has a golf course fifty yards away from the beach. operating sprinklers sent more than seventy per cent of the water off the field, on top of my bones. So I picked all my things fast ranting through every pore. The next morning the door was open and I felt eager to get into and destroy the sprinklers but I did not.

I passed torremolinos walking till finding the first gas station on the highway, which lies on top of a mountain. I went up to the station with much effort and jump the fence, but I was on the other side, direction Malaga. I found somewhere to cross to the other side of the guardrail and I found a tunnel almost inaccessible by vegetation. I Crossed getting another bunch of thorns and thistles and I reached the other side. The other fence was even higher. Three guys from Morocco were having coffee right on front of where I attack the fence, I stepped the fence with my left foot as hard as I could to bring it down and pass the right leg over, I went to move the body and I fell in any way, except stand up, my friends at the coffe laughed pretty good.

I looked for a shadow, I attacked the cheese, placard and thumb up.

Two men picked me, a businessman of masts and flags and his employee who had hurt a finger they were Marbella way to the Health insurance. We talked on the way, They were amazed with what I was doing, He encourage me to continue to Estepona and obviously… closer and brilliant. He invited me to eat a menu, you know… first course, second course, dessert and coffee ha!ha!ha!, then actually I just wanted a nap.

We talked sincerely human to human , a great guy with a good heart.

He took me to the office and introduced me to the people there. He prepare a computer and internet let me surf, I felt at home with him, really great. I wish you wellness and all the best, you know it's nothing personal, but I hope there was not a flag to manufacture because there would not be divisions or differences or borders to anyone. I know that basically this would make you very happy. Many thanks for everything, brother.

Two cars more stopped to Algeciras before nightfall.

I wandered looking for sleeping places and I went through a Red Cross office to ask for some place to sleep and nothing, they knew nothing, It was a center of immigrants. I got into a new building and found a corner, perfect for a quiet night. A wall separated me from the street and only bothered me a few graffiti artists to paint something and disappeared quickly.

A car to Tarifa stopped at Algeciras’ Exit, A Guardia Civil colleague, (militar policeman), We talked about travel and asked me the address of the blog, the issue of Melilla came out, where I was sent very young to the army and told me that he had been monitoring the border and there was his premiere. I don’t know what he meant with premiere, but I did not want to ask more.

When I was working on the bus in Villares del Saz Cuenca, one morning we went to have the coffee of rigor and on television news gave the massive assault of immigrants to the border fence. I was what we were watching when someone release the typical comment;

- If I would be one of them I did leave none.
- God would wish you have to see one of your children jumping that fence to the other side and there is another who thinks like you. I answered from the heart
The cafe was spent in silence.

Thanks for picking me up mate and I wish him well as the military closed me to Almeria.

Tarifa, the beach, winsurfhing (or something like that ha!ha!ha!), kites to run above the sea, warmth and good wave.

While I was writing this on a park’s bench I met Susanne a woman born in Germany about forty five years ago, She live on the street with breast cancer, a chest open and festering. We talked for a while, very cool and offered hem cheese. She left and came with bread and two cigars for after dinner. Very nice. She was barefoot with rolled rags on their feet to avoid burning from asphalt, I asked for the shoes
- I do not like them, I love going barefoot.
I understand her, living barefoot in India six months and it is wonderful, dirty, but wonderful.

The next day at dawn appeared in the square, I slept next to the tourist office where there was a corner is not the best hotel I've stayed, but what could I do? She came over and we hugged

- How did you sleep?.
- well,I wonder. how about you?.
- I could not sleep I got to mourn, I'm tired of life, invite you a cafe?.
- Save your money for anything you need, I do it well and take cafe as well.
- I can not use it better than offering you breakfast.
Quickly understood and I said of course let’s go!.

We sat down for coffee and talked, This woman has a huge and outstanding heart, she will not let people without eating of the many people that there are here in Tarifa in the street, she collect food for those who does not have and gives all, gives everything and for being like that and even like this the society condemns her for being different.

She told me that she just needed a roof for sleeping on the street because sleeping in the street for a woman was very hard.

I freak out with all the sites that are closed and we can not find a garage or something for this great and huge heart that roams through Tarifa. If you have ceiling I'm sure he would heal, even with chamomile that is used for the wound, because it has a brutal force and healing soul.

With the rate people very good, there is everything and is not hard the folk gives me food and they are good people.

Up here for now.


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